Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Smattering of Subjects: First World Problems, Rant Revisited and a Little Love

I have them and sometimes I am embarrassed by the fact that they annoy me so much. I have a Kindle. It was a gift from Mrs. IdB because she is lovely and generous. I love my Kindle. I love it like some people love their cars or their children. And there is a sad dearth of historical non-fiction available.Biographies. I want them. Kindle does not have them and apparently my continually pressing the "I would like to read this book in Kindle format," button does not yield the instant results that I want. 


So yesterday, that whole thing I did on integrity. Apparently certain people were confused. It is also possible that I baited my hook on my Facebook status. Sue me. Slap-fights are what make Facebook fun. It seems their argument is that Joe Paterno did so many good things for his football players and we should take that into account. OK...pause, ponder, take into consideration...yeah fuck that. I don't care if he glows with holy football light (and some people clearly think that is, in face, what he does) if you allow someone who spends his free time anally raping young boys to retire in order to spend more time with at risk young boys without, you know, telling the whole world about his hobby you fucking fail and humanity forever.

Someone drew a chart in case people were confused.


LSG is doing a watch-along of the West Wing and I must say that I still think it was probably the very best show ever. A not small portion of the rhetoric that you will read on this blog had its genesis on that show. I do my own research, don't get me wrong, but the issues themselves? In a lot of cases I first learned of them by watching  this show. Smart writing, great characterization and I get to learn stuff. What's not to love? 

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