Monday, November 7, 2011

Knitting Quirks

Why is it that I am absolutely required to frog something three times before I can just knit the damn thing? I started a pair of Cafe au Lait mitts yesterday, messed up, frogged them and started again last night and started them again this afternoon. It's like this curse I have. Every project goes through this process. Why?

But aside from that, I'm knitting. Because suddenly I want to knit again. Dropping the excess baggage seems to have reawakened my creativity. Probably not working anymore helps too.

On a totally different note, there need to be more knitting books available for Kindle. Because I just got a Kindle and I wants my knitting books. But they only have like five and they are crappy.

And I really don't have anything else to write today. Nothing happened. I'm sick so I basically just stayed home and watched the West Wing.  

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