Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Hampshire Primary

You had to see this post coming, right? If you didn't I'm confused as to why you are here because it's me and I write these things.

So, Mitt Romney won the thing and that can't be a surprise because he's the best they can do.

Here's the really interesting thing. Ron Paul came in second because he's the best they could do.  Couldn't you just cry? Or, you know laugh your ass off which may or may not be what I did when I saw the results.

If you're going to do that though you should really just do it here or like in the shower or something because now is the time that the Republicans that we know need our support. You know, because Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the best they could fucking do.

I know, I know, it's a mid-election and the Republicans are just throwing people away but still. Mitt Romney and Ron fucking Paul.

But it does reveal something important about the Republican part and if you're talking to your Republican friends you might want to try to steal the subject away from you (admittedly justified) gloating and feelings of superiority toward something that matters. Why are these two no logic, hate minorities, don't understand how immigrations should work, hate gays, hate women, hate everyone who isn't them or at least claims to agree with them, the best that one fairly large section of the nation can come up with.

And please understand I'm not just talking party line here. These candidates clearly hate or are at least pay lip service to hatred of the groups I just mentioned. That's why they say things like there will be "more decay," under President Obama as if he hasn't managed to assist in economic recovery despite the Republicans attempt to stymie any improvement. It's why you hear things like ghetto applied to anything they can think of. It's why people pretend to be shocked or are, even more upsetting, are actually shocked when you point out that comments like that are fucking racist!

Because OMG when you point out that someone is doing something stupid and awful then you're mean. But here's the thing, that's a stupid premise and not one that any rational person should buy into. Pointing out shitty behavior is just, you know honest. Don't let anyone make you dishonest just because they are trying to make you uncomfortable when you tell the truth.