Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shock, Shout outs and Mad Props

So I was wrong. 

Personhood USA, a group that I'm not linking to because fuck them, they don't get traffic from me, put an initiative on the Mississippi ballot that would have defined life as beginning at natural and cloned conception. Let's leave aside for a moment that we're nowhere close to successful human cloning and examine the process.

Because I am a geek and process stories get my juices flowing.

This group has been shopping their little attempt at running my fucking uterus and those of every other woman to various states and in Mississippi they thought they had a winner. It's Mississippi. Everyone thought they had a winner. 

And the governor, he was right there with them. He's a moron, as anyone who has listened to him talk about anything, ever can tell. And his stupid ass came out for it.

It was a useless gesture. There's no way it was going to make it through the judicial branch but that doesn't matter because the push against reproductive freedom doesn't need to gain any more ground.

But you know what? The people of Mississippi stepped up. They surprised me. Because they slapped that piece of shit, waste of right down.

This is the shock part of the post because I honestly thought we were going to spend a year dragging through the courts until it died.

Oh and Ohio voters, you did a great job too. Because that collective bargaining thing? That's something you'll want to keep around.

So all in all, despite the bullshit and the flailing and the tragically stupid, it seems that serious people can still make serious decision.

Mad props people.

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