Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Avoide Getting Bogged Down in the Unimportant Shit: A Life Lesson

It’s been a long time since I posted, yeah, yeah, obligatory apology that I don’t mean. Whatever. Shut up, this is important.

There was a shooting at the Family Research Council yesterday. A guard was shot by a man who had, at some point, involved himself with pro-LGBT causes. The guard will live but the act itself is abhorrent.

So, according to the hate group, the SPLC is the reason that the shooting took place. Because the SPLC has the power to encourage people into dangerous behavior. FRC, totally can’t do that and you shouldn’t call them a hate group because of all the dangerous things they have said. But OMG the SPLC is SO WROOOOONG.

Yeah, OK, giant hypocrisy. But here’s the thing. Let’s not follow blindly along the hypocrite path by countering that with “groups can’t cause shootings.” Because that would make us just as stupid an hypocritical as the people I was deriding above.  

Let us instead cede the point. Yes, groups can encourage people, who are already on the edge, into violence. That’s not what happened in this case, as far as anyone can tell, but it can happen. 

How do I know that it didn’t happen in this case? Well, no group is screaming for God to kill FRC. No group is shouting that all conservatives are going to roast in the fires of Hel. (No, I spelled it correctly) No group’s stock and trade is protesting military funerals while carrying signs that say “GOD HATES RUSH.” That doesn't happen. Don't let people draw the false equivalency.  

Neither let us be silent. What happened was a horrible thing and we should condemn it out loud, at length and volume. This was not OK. Not at all, not ever. Period. 

At the point where you decide that a firearm is your most effective debate tool, I don't want you on my team anymore.

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